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You are a student who writes term papers, dissertations, and other assignments. You understand the dangers of having grammatical errors in those pieces of literature such as low grades, re-sits or re-takes. You, therefore, want that literature to be as error-free as possible in order to be assured of Grade A. You should read this Grammarly review to get all information about great writing skill. 

You probably have the Microsoft Word editor with you, but that still isn’t enough. That’s because that software program is not as effective in identifying and rectifying grammatical mistakes as should be the case. That’s why you still require a more powerful tool to be sure of nothing but excellent results. That’s where the Grammarly software comes in.

The gist of the proceeding Grammarly review shall be centered on the subject matter of Grammarly and shall seek to discuss all that pertains to it such as its features, pros, cons, accuracy, versions, etc.


Grammarly is an English language writing-enhancement platform that was developed by Grammarly, Incorporated, and officially launched in 2009. It is capable of checking articles for well over 250 grammar rules alongside other writing-related tasks. 

Grammarly review:  MAIN FEATURES

The following are the main features of Grammarly software:

  • Vocabulary Enhancement – It allows users to enrich their choice of words by giving them a list of synonyms and complex words to choose from and use instead of the one they already have.
  • Plagiarism Checker – This feature searches the web and alerts the writer in case his content already exists. This ensures that all writing is as unique as possible and free from any duplication or copying.
  • Proofreading – The platform also allows the writers to re-read their work in order to eliminate any errors such as spelling mistakes, typos, and repeated words, and to also be sure that the sentences not only flow smoothly but also make sense.
  • Checking Grammar Rules – It also enables writers to be sure that their writing complies with all the various grammar rules. If it detects any grammatical error, it highlights it in red and offers suggestions in a blue hue.
  • Checking Grammar Rules – It also enables writers to be sure that their writing complies with all the various grammar rules. If it detects any grammatical error, it highlights it in red and offers suggestions in a blue hue.
  • Spell Checker – This Grammarly feature enables users to identify and rectify any spelling mistakes. It detects any spelling errors, underlines them in red, and then offers alternative spelling suggestions in blue.
  • Citation Suggestions – The software also suggests the various sources from where the said statements may have been quoted/derived. This aids students write their term papers pretty effectively as it expedites the time needed for finding the relevant sources of citations.
  • Grammarly Handbook – This is a free online guide that explains English grammar and the various styles of writing.
  • Grammarly Answers – It is an online community that is created by Grammarly in order to allow its users to ask and answer questions on various topics around English writing.
  • Grammarly Editor – The feature allows the users of Grammarly to enter and alter texts as they may so wish.
  • Analytics – This Grammarly feature displays statistics concerning the piece of literature such as the number of words, letters, characters, sentences, paragraphs, and so on.
Correct all grammar errors with Grammarly!

Grammarly Review: PROS

Some important positive points about Grammarly Review.

  • Relative Cheap: It exists in two main versions namely the free version and the premium version respectively. The free version is just that, free. It does not require any payments at all.
  • Very Effective: Grammarly is indeed one of the best grammar checkers. It is up to 10 times more effective than Microsoft Word and other text editors in detecting and dealing with grammatical errors. This stems from the fact that it also checks grammar, suggests vocabulary, and highlights punctuation over and above, merely checking the spelling.
  • Easy to Use: Utilizing the software is pretty easy. It just requires the user to log in and it automatically detects any errors that may be in existence. No mastery of technical jargons is required of a user at all!
  • Seamless Compatibility: The software is compatible with and is indeed usable across several platforms and operating systems such web, desktop, Microsoft Windows OS, and as an app.
  • Excellent Support Structures: Users may seek help from the company at any time through a round-the-clock online support.

Grammarly Review: CONS

Some important Negative points about Grammarly Review.

  • Requires Money: In order to fully enjoy the benefits of the software, one has to upgrade to the premium version which requires money. Low-income earners who may still want to enjoy those benefits are thus left out.
  • Limited languages: As things stand, the software only edits English language articles/writings. Those who may want to edit other languages besides English are therefore placed at a significant disadvantage.


Grammarly may be utilized by just about every other person.You can take your right decision after reading this grammarly review.  However, the following are the most likely persons who will find this software suitable for their needs:

College Students

College students are usually required to write theses, dissertations, term papers, and essays as part of their coursework. They need the software to enable them to polish their writings and make them as error-free as possible.

Members of the Faculty

Professors, tutorial fellows, lecturers, and teaching assistants require this software to help them assess the quality of their students’ essays, dissertations and other writings for the sake of awarding appropriate grades.

Freelance Writers

Those who make a living by writing online articles desperately need the software to help them proofread, edit, and spell check their writings to ensure that they are devoid of any errors and that they meet the required standards.

Non-native English speakers

Non-native English speakers (those whose first language is not English) may utilize the software to help them study and master the language well.


Job seekers are often required to write resumes, job application letters, and other essays as part of the application process. Grammarly helps them write impeccable articles by helping them get rid of any errors.


The free and premium versions of Grammarly differ in the following regards:


The free version is obviously the more affordable of the two owing to the fact that the end user is not at all required to part with any amount of money to utilize it. The premium version requires the enrolment into a subscription plan and the periodic remittance of some fees.


The premium version contains 400 extra features and functionalities such as citation suggestions, plagiarism check, and vocabulary enhancement. It is thus more effective and beneficial as compared to the free version.


Grammarly is availed in two main versions, outlined below:

Free Version

The free version costs nothing on the part of the end user. Any interested person simply downloads the app, creates an account and then logs in.

Premium Version

The premium version, on the other hand, requires an upgrade from the free version. It has 400 additional checks and features which include vocabulary enhancement, citation suggestions, plagiarism detection, and so on. It is availed through three different subscription plans explained below:

Monthly Subscription – This lasts 30 days and costs $29.95 per month.

Quarterly Subscription – The subscription lasts 90 days and costs a lump sum $59.95 or $19.98 per month.

Annual Subscription – The annual subscription lasts a whole year (360 days) and costs a lump sum $139.95 or $11.66 per month.

PS: Payments for subscriptions may be remitted via credit cards, PayPal, and debit cards (with the exceptions of MasterCard Maestro, Visa Electron debit cards, and Interac) only.


Money Back Guarantee

Grammarly upholds a 7-day money back guarantee policy. This entitles the end user to a full refund of the subscription fee within the first 7 days after the same has taken effect. If an end user wishes to cancel a subscription he is required to log on to

Payments Made in Error

Any payments that were also made in error may be refunded. The concerned user is simply required to lodge a complaint to the support team with the details of the issue. The support representative will review the case and take an appropriate course of action within the shortest time possible.


Grammarly is availed in several formats and functionality and is hence designed to be as easy to use as possible. The following are the main formats/features in which it is available:

A. Browser Extension

The Grammarly browser extension is a plug-in which broadens the functionality of several web browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Windows to enable them automatically check for grammar, spelling mistakes, and other associated tasks.

B. Web Version or Online App

The web version of the software allows end users to paste literature onto it and utilize its benefits/services.

Grammarly review

C. Desktop app for Windows or Mac

Desktop app allows end users to enjoy the benefits of the software offline i.e. without an active connection to the internet. It is only compatible with computers that operate on Windows OS or Mac.

D. Windows Office Add-on

It is pretty similar to the browser extension only that it is designed to extend the functionality of Microsoft Windows Office rather than that of a web browser.

E. Vocabulary Enhancement

This Grammarly software feature gives end users suggestions of several alternative words, vocabulary, and synonyms that may be used in the stead of the one that is currently highlighted.

F. Plagiarism Checker

It checks for the uniqueness of the written literature by searching the entire internet to look out for any similarities that may exist between the written material and any other content that may already be in existence on the internet.


Grammarly is very accurate in the sense that it can quickly detect and highlight all writing-related errors/issues such as contextual spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, writing style, and genres. It also aids writers in detecting plagiarism, enhancing vocabulary, and other advanced issues.


Other useful Grammarly features for grammar checkers and writers include:

Personal Dictionary

The premium version comes equipped with a personal dictionary that allows users to add or remove words/vocabulary. The words that are added are not marked as misspelling even if they are not English.

Document Score Checker

This feature allows users to gauge the readability of their writings as well as the grammar scores. It comes along with a statistics dashboard and is only available in the premium version of Grammarly.

Specialty Documents

Specialty document is a feature that lets end users choose the type of their documents in order to get the most accurate and relevant corrections for those specific writing situations. Examples of these genres include general (default), business, technical, medical, creative, and casual (in Microsoft Word) and general email style, business email style, and personal email style (in Microsoft Outlook).

Changes Tracker

This is a feature that keeps accurate track of all changes when Grammarly is disabled and automatically highlights them the next time it is enabled.


Grammarly vs. a Human Proofreader

I have used Grammarly for the past one and half years as a freelance writer. I must say that Grammarly is more accurate and very effective in proofreading as compared to the human proofreader in the following respects:


The software is much faster than humans in identifying mistakes. What may take human minutes to do, take Grammarly only a split second.


It is also very accurate in identifying those tiny and otherwise insignificant details that a human agent may naturally overlook or tend to downplay.

Ability to Multi-task

Grammarly has the ability to identify and highlight several mistakes or issues at a time, unlike humans who will usually concentrate on one task at a time.


As may be deduced from the foregoing, Grammarly is a very worthy purchase indeed, given the very many benefits that end users stand to derive from it. Persons whose core business or occupation rests in the field of writing such as students, members of the faculty, and freelance writers, by all means, ought to pay for it in order to upgrade it to the premium version.

Grammarly Review: FINAL VERDICT

It is very clear from the discussions above Grammarly Review. Grammarly software confers plenty of benefits to any writer or stakeholder in the field of writing. Considering that it is still largely in its infancy, more and more corporations, business entities, educational institutions, writers, members of the faculty, and installations are likely to adopt it as a standard part and parcel of their day to day operations. As such, it is a software application that any person, who wishes to improve his English skills, generate error-free literature, or carry out excellent assessments of the students’ written work ought not to overlook at all.

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